The Cost of Being Iron Man [Infographic]

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How to Optimize Your Google+: Lawyers’ Edition

By guest contributor James David:

If you’ve been involved with search engine optimization at all over the past year you know that Google’s search engine is responding more and more to social influences and, with Google+ gaining more popularity, its influence is only going to get stronger in the search results. Optimizing your Google+ page so it ranks better in search engines is the best idea to stay ahead of the curve because Google+ is only going to get more powerful over time. Keep reading to see how you can optimize your Google+ like some of your competitors are.

Jim Sokolove is, and has been, one of the most successful attorneys in America for many year.  So it’s no surprise that he also has one of the biggest online marketing campaigns for a lawyer I’ve ever seen. He probably pays some of the best social media and SEO companies around lot of money to keep his online reputation top notch. This makes Jim the perfect example and provides the opportunity to for all of us to see what works well in search engines, what he’s doing to get results and to grab some inspiration from it.

















The picture above is of Jim Sokolove’s personal Google+ account. I outlined what parts of his account show up in the search engine results for his Google+ account. First, let’s cover some terminology. The title tag is the name assigned to the website URL. Google+ assigns your name as the title tag. Next is the meta description. The meta description is the small description that shows up in the search results below your URL. The profile picture is used for your image for author rank. Author rank is when someone’s image shows up next to their website in the search results, which is something Google just introduced. You can read more about author rank here on my blog.





Above is how Google treats Jim Sokolve’s Google+ page in their search results. I outlined in red what similarities there are in his Google+ profile page and then what is seen in the search result for his profile. Now you can see what parts of your Google+ profile you need to edit in order to improve your optimization for the big search engines.

To find more information like this, visit my blog Internet Marketing for Lawyers Blogspot. If you want to follow me on Google+ my name is James David.

Is Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes Clinically Insane?


By Jane Gotshalk

In light of last Thursday’s mass shooting and yesterday’s footage from the courtroom, I thought it might be helpful for a trained psychotherapist to share some insight into the question of whether the shooting suspect is clinically insane?  On a daily basis, I conduct risk assessments for adults in crisis who are either suicidal or homicidal.  While some of these individuals clearly are diagnosed with Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or another major mental illness, others are simply incredibly angry, manipulative people who are attention seeking and may commit an unthinkable crime.  As a therapist, if I have concerns that an individual in my office may hurt himself or others due to acute symptoms of a mental illness, I consult with a psychiatrist.  Together we make a clinical decision whether to psychiatrically hospitalize the patient or not.

So what criteria is used to decide whether or not someone is mentally ill or exhibiting criminally liable behavior?  Frequently I must decide, after talking with a patient, are they thinking clearly?   I might not like what they are saying to me and I might be fearful of their plan, but does it make logical sense? Are they speaking in complete sentences?  Is their plan logical and sequential?  Combine a plan with patterns of behavior and a troubling history with a specific threat, intent and plan to kill someone, and I would consider it criminal behavior and call the police.  If the person is lucid, but threatening bodily harm to another individual, it is NOT an issue of free speech and, it in and of itself, is criminal behavior.

On the other end of the pendulum is deciding whether or not an individual shows signs of acute mental illness.  Is he depressed or are his thoughts racing fast enough that I am witnessing the beginning of a psychotic process?  Is he hearing voices that are telling him to hurt himself or others?  (This is hearing command hallucinations.) Does he believe that the world is being invaded by aliens in a movie theater and that he has been called upon to go kill them?  (This is delusional thinking.)  Has he been acting in a bizarre manner? In either of the two situations previously mentioned, I would recommend hospitalization. While booby trapping one’s apartment may be perceived as acting in a bizarre manner, it may also be a component of a sociopath’s plan to appear mentally ill.

Which brings up another question, can a sociopath be mentally ill?  Of course.  But the two terms are not mutually inclusive or exclusive.  While a sociopath or psychopath may indeed commit an irrational act, he/she may be entirely lucid when the crime is committed.  In fact, a sociopath knows the difference between right and wrong, but simply does not care.  That is why a sociopath is so dangerous. What will most likely occur with the suspect of Thurday’s mass shootings is that he will be ordered to a forensic psychiatric facility until all the pieces of the puzzle can be properly evaluated. Only then can a proper clinical diagnose occur. However, one thing that appears to be clear at this early stage is that insanity is likely to be his defense.

Web Marketing for Attorneys

This article was written by guest blog poster James David

Lawyers are taking over the internet and the web. If you are competing in this market, you had better watch out because these attorneys are coming with brute force and the help of SEO web marketing companies, Google Adwords, and social media networks. With all the methods that these web marketing companies are utilizing, now any lawyer stands a chance of beating any other lawyer online and attorneys are eating it up. This article will discuss how lawyers can market themselves through search engines, Google Adwords, and social media networks.

SEO Web Marketing for Lawyers

SEO web marketing is my area of expertise. You can read more about what I do by visiting my site here. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which simply means making your website more easily readable to the Google Bots that process your site and decide where it should rank for what are called keywords (what you type into the search engine). You optimize your site in every way possible including the content (written, video, or image), the sites you link out to, and even the sites that link to you (something you are now penalized for!). SEO web marketing for lawyers has become much harder over the past couple of years because of all the recent changes, but there are still ways to rank your lawyer site first. However, take care when choosing an SEO web marketing for attorneys company.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social media has exploded over the past few years. Now everyone and their mother (literally) are tweeting/sharing/and posting on these networks and there are people, like lawyers, making huge amounts of money from it on a daily basis from work. You can read more about how to improve social media for your law site on my blog here.

Google Adwords for Lawyers

As an alternative to creating a strong social network, or blasting out backlinks until you rank first for your desired keyword, you can buy your online traffic through Google Adwords. Google Adwords is an advertising platform for Google Search. The Adwords can be bid on and the ads show up on top, or to the right of the search results.

Why You Should Do all Three

“Diversify or die” is a familiar phrase applicable to many different areas of business, but it especially applies to web marketing for lawyers. Social media, paid traffic and organic traffic are all essential to a lawyer who is interested in dominating the online market. To become the top dog in your area you will want to utilize all three of these marketing approaches because they work best when they are all working together.

A lawyer website that is easy to find on the social networks (tons of social integration), that shows up first on Google for its desired keywords AND uses paid advertisements of the brand in those same search results equals some seriously strong online marketing for a lawyer.

Asbestos Is Killing American Workers

Mesothelioma is a rare yet deadly form of cancer, the only known cause of which is exposure to asbestos.  Because of that fact, the truth is that mesothelioma is entirely preventable. The Mesothelioma Blog educates the public about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure to help bring an end to this fatal disease.


Infographic courtesy of The Mesothelioma Blog. Check it out for more information.